Rules For Guests and their Visitors at the Holiday Home

We hope that you have a wonderful time visiting Dubai and an enjoyable stay in your chosen Holiday Home, so we would like to ensure that you are aware of the Guest and Visitor Rules set by DTCM.

Guests and their visitors must respect that Holiday Homes are permitted in residential family communities. We respectfully request that Guest and Visitor behaviour be reflective of a family environment and must comply with the following general obligations and rules:
• Compliance with the obligations of the Regulations and information provided.
• To respect the residential purpose of the Holiday Home.
• Visitors may not remain in the Holiday Home between 12:00 midnight and 8:00am.
• Respect residential amenities and security of property and neighbours.
• Refrain from any uncivilised/inappropriate behaviour.
• Guests must not create noise that is offensive to neighbours, during arrival and departure and at any time during occupancy, especially between 10pm-8am. Noise is considered to be too loud if it can be heard by an adjacent neighbour when inside their property with their windows and doors closed.
• Refrain from smoking in non-smoking areas.
• Children under 14 should be supervised in all recreation areas.
• Guests may not make any alterations to the Property without prior written approval of the owner of the Property.
• Comply with vehicle parking rules, show consideration to and cause the minimum disturbance to others in respect of parking.
• To dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance normal practice at the Property and building or community and in the allocated bins and areas.
• Guests must not leave rubbish in public or common areas.
• Guests must comply with requirements in relation to the relevant garbage and recycling collection days, as well as any requirements relating to the disposal of garbage or waste minimisation.
• To notify DVH Holiday Homes of any disputes or complaints as soon as is practicable.

Please note that Guest and Visitor conduct that is not accordance with these Rules may result in:
• Eviction of the Guest.
• Loss of security deposit paid, or accommodation amount paid or a claim against a damage waiver.
• Payment of additional fees depending on damage to the Holiday Home or others.
• Holiday Home Permit termination.

DVH Holiday Homes and your neighbours appreciate and thank you for your cooperation.
Enjoy your Stay!